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Welcome, Linda Mooney


Good morning, Linda. Welcome to From the Pages. I’m so glad you stopped by today. My Strength, My Power, My Love released this month from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. I’m excited to hear about it, and chat with you, so why don’t we get started?

Where do you write?

After son #1 moved out, I moved son #2 into his bedroom and took the smaller one for myself, and turned it into my own office.

How long does it typically take you to finish a writing project?

For an approximately 60K novel, 3 months. Unless I go a tad overboard, and the book takes on a life of it's own. It could take a year, but that usually is because I put it aside to simmer for a while (and work on something else until I'm ready to go back to it).

Tell us a little bit about your book, please.

My March release from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid is called MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE. It's an erotic sci-fi romance novel. It's also a stand-alone.

Where did you get the idea for this story?

Sometimes I'll challenge myself to write a story where X can't happen because of Y. In other words, I put my hero and heroine in situations where they face obstacles of my own creation. And as I write the story, I try to figure a way out of the mess I made for myself. LOL! This is one of those instances.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Will you still be writing, or do you have a new adventure on the horizon?

I am in the middle of my 31st year of teaching. By next year I'll be able to retire with full benefits. Once I do that, I want to become a "full time" writer.

What kind of food do you like best?

Seafood! Followed closely by Chinese.

In the house—shoes or bare feet?

Bare feet!

You're in an Italian restaurant. What do you order?

seafood alfredo, or anything seafood with pasta

Do you have a pet?

A pug named Daisy, a cockatiel named Sweetie, and hubby has a tank and a pond of fish that I have to take care of when he's out of town.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Yes! I would like to tell you about my newest novel, MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE


Once in every one million births, a child is born on Bellac with the Synergistic gene. These children are taken from their parents, raised, trained, and prepared for the day when they will find their Synergistic other half. For when that happens, an entirely new power is created—a power ready to protect and defend their home world.

Grey Dansis is a Synergian. She has reached that point in time when she must go forth to meet the others like herself and hopefully find the male who will become her life-long partner. There are nearly a dozen to choose from—strong, prime adult males who are ready to join the war as soon as they are united with their female halves.

Unfortunately Grey has secretly harbored a longing for Rowe Maine. But the man is five years her senior and considered long past acceptance. He is an Unmatched Synergian who has lost his chance to become one of the rare few empowered union mates. Now the man is a trainer and teacher at their special school.

It won’t be long, however, before their world is again attacked by marauders. The creatures bent on domination are a species the Synergians have never encountered before. And this time the creatures’ goal isn’t just to conquer Bellac, but to totally wipe the planet’s current population and its army of Synergians out of existence.

Grey has no idea that Rowe, the man she has long been in love with, is her fated other half. Or that the power that could come from their union would be the only force strong enough to save Bellac from complete annihilation.

They may never know because the law won't even let them touch.

Excerpt: (Rated G)

The temperature inside the ship was rapidly growing colder. Rowe’s suit kicked on the heat, and the gust of warm air going up his nose was enough to rouse him. He fought the fogginess and moved each limb slowly to check for any sign of broken bones or internal injuries. Gods, he hurt, but there wasn’t any sharp pain to let him know something wasn’t right.

His next thought was of Grey. He couldn’t sense anything from her, and fear reared its ugly head. Rowe panicked.


He reached for the seat when his arms started drifting upward. It finally sunk in that they’d crashed, but somehow the flit had miraculously remained intact. At the moment they were hanging upside-down in their seats, held into place by the harness.

It was also pitch dark.

Rowe reached for the interior lights and flicked the switch. A barely perceptible blueish glow filled the cockpit. Unbuckling his harness, Rowe slowly slid out of his seat and eased onto the cockpit roof. In this position he could crawl underneath Grey and check her vitals.

His hands were trembling when he lifted her helmet to gaze at her face. A tiny amount of condensation fogged her faceplate from the inside. The knot inside his chest eased, allowing the tears to sting his eyes. She was alive. Thank all the heavens, she’d survived the crash.

"Grey, can you hear me?"

The crash must have severed communications. He grabbed her shoulders and gave her a little shake. Her head lolled back and forth, but she remained unresponsive. Bits of frost were starting to form inside her faceplate, which told him her suit wasn’t functioning properly. Unless he could fix it, she could freeze to death.

He glanced down at the instrument panel. The readouts were black. It was impossible to tell what, if anything, still worked. First things first, though. He had to get Grey out of her seat and into someplace warm.

He unhooked her from her harness and let her drop into his arms. There was no longer any need to watch where or how they touched. They’d crash landed gods knew where, and if they had any chance of surviving long enough to get back to Bellac, they needed to use any and all skills available to them, including the ones they had yet to discover as union mates.

Her left arm hung at an awkward angle. Lowering her to the roof, he carefully checked it from wrist to elbow. It was definitely broken. The bone in her lower arm moved unnaturally. He managed to scramble to the back of the ship and find the emergency aid kit. Taking the single small cuff, he slipped it over her arm before inflating it. The cuff would keep her arm rigid enough to allow the bone to knit. There was little else he could do for her until she gained consciousness.

This sounds like a great read, Linda. Thanks so much for visiting today!

Readers, Linda has generously offered a copy of My Strength, My Power, My Love to one lucky reader. All you’ve got to do to enter is leave a comment. One commenter will be chosen at random to receive a copy of Linda’s new book. Check back tomorrow to see if your name has been chosen!

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A Winner!

Big congratulations to Danielle!
Her name was drawn as the lucky commenter who won a copy of
Linda's new book, Circle of Love!

Welcome, Susan Palmquist

Welcome, Susan! I'm so pleased you've stopped by to visit with us. I look forward to getting to know the lady behind the writing, so if you don't mind I'm going to begin asking questions straight away.

Where do you write?

I have two spots where I do most of my writing. As well as writing fiction, I'm also a freelance writer so one of the rooms in my house is used as my office. It's downstairs, has a window that faces the side of the neighbor's house and therefore has very few distractions besides the odd bird or squirrel flying or running by. I use a desktop computer for my non-fiction work and then in the evenings I take my laptop and head into the family room and start to work on my fiction. In the winter there's not much to look at besides snow, but in the summer I open the windows and the patio door to listen to the waterfall in the pond by the patio.

How long does it typically take you to finish a writing project?

It really depends on what I'm working on. The children's book. The One and Only, that's just been published took me just a couple of weeks. But A Sterling Affair took about six months and then a couple more months for rewriting and editing. A lot depends on how much thought I've given the plot and characters before I start working. Sometimes I'll just get an idea and wing it.

When you're not writing, what do you like to do?

In the summer I spend lots of time outside gardening. And I love to cook. For me, it's a way of relaxing and a chance to iron out on scenes that aren't working out for me. I also enjoy riding my bike, photography and I sometimes knit.

Can you tell us anything about what you're working on now?

For the first time ever, I have several projects and a rewrite going on at the same time. I'm reworking another paranormal romance that's set in Ireland. I'm about 14,000 words into a mystery novel and then I'm about 10,000 words into a contemporary romance.

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

No, most of the time I head to my office in a t-shirt, sweatpants, slippers and many times wet hair when I'm working on deadline and just need to get to work.

What circumstances led you to writing?

My degree is in psychology and I had every intention of becoming a child psychologist. My first job was as a children's advocate in a shelter for battered women and I was taking everyone problems home with me. I was going home in tears when I saw some of the awful things one human being can do to another and it made me realize I'm just a too sensitive a person to be in that line of work. Panic set in when I realized that I'd wasted my time studying for a career that wasn't right for me. I went to the library to research other lines of work and the first book I found was about public relations and noticed the main job requirement was writing. I'd been writing short stories since my great aunt's neighbor told me she was collecting royalties from a book she'd written 20 years ago and me thinking it was a great way to make money, got caught up with the whole writing thing. So I eventually went to work in PR, did lots of writing, became a freelance writer and still kept writing short stores and eventually novels.

Do you have a pet?

Yes, a cat named Flynn who's appeared on two calendars. He likes to either sit in front of the computer screen while I'm working or put his whole body over the keyboards on my laptop. Besides that annoying feature, he's my best writing buddy. I used him as one of the characters in the paranormal romance I'm rewriting…and yes, he plays himself.

Do you listen to music while you write?

Always. Depending on what stage of writing I'm at, determines what I listen to. If I'm just starting a project then I'll listen to all my old favorites …many from the mid 80s to 90s. Peter Gabriel, Sting, U2, Tears for Fears. When I start working on the next draft, I'll switch to instrumental music, no lyrics so I can hear the characters talking. Sometimes it will be classical music, sometimes New Age.

What frightens you?

Easy one…the dentist. When I was three, my mom took me along to the dentist while she was having a filling to prove to me that going to the dentist's office was no big deal. Bad idea, it just so happened that particular day, the dentist let the drill slip in my mom's mouth. I've hated the dentist ever since and I have to drag myself in there every single time.

Have you ever laughed so hard something has flown out of your face?

No, but when I was at school I laughed so hard the teacher made me stand outside the classroom for an hour as punishment. I never understood why laughing would need to be punished. Back in those days I didn't have the nerve to challenge him on that one.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Just that I feel very honored to spend some time with everyone, to thank you for dropping by to read this and hope that you'll buy my book…just kidding on that last bit!

I've loved getting to know you, Susan. Thanks so much for stopping by!

A Sterling Affair

Widow Deana Adams gets the shock of her life when she discovers a naked man in her living room. It's an even bigger shock when she learns Sir Ian Ashby is over 200 years old. Wanting nothing more than to return him to his grave, Deana soon realizes that Sir Ian offers her a second chance at love.
Madam, are you afraid of me?”
Deana couldn't speak, so she just shook her head. But then she got up the courage to answer him.
“Why would you think I'm afraid of you?”
“The fact that I can feel you shake in my hand. That I can see your body trembling.”
“It's just that I've never seen a ghost before,” she said quickly. The shaking wasn't because she thought he was a ghost, or even spooky for that matter. She was in awe of this magnificent man.
“A ghost. I do not believe that I am a ghost. Ghosts are dead. I believe that I am alive.”
He took her hand and pressed her palm to his chest. She could feel a network of well-defined muscles, and the little mats of curly hair tickled her palm. If he hadn't come back from the dead, she would have taken a guess he'd been working out a couple of times a day. He moved her hand across to the left side of his body and she suddenly felt his heart pounding against her palm.
“Are you now convinced that I am alive?”
Deana felt her knees go wobbly again, and it definitely wasn't because she was standing next to a supposedly dead man. There was only one simple explanation for the way she was feeling. She was attracted to him, and found him, well, the only word she could think of was sexy.
He let go of Deana's wrist, so she stepped backwards away from him. “The clothes,” she said, holding them out to him again.
He took them with one hand while managing to keep the cushion in place with the other.
“Perhaps you should tell me your name, Madam.”
“I'm Deana Adams, and those are my children, Todd and Amy.”
He looked across the room at them. “Yes, imps who enjoy a lark. And I would very much like to speak with their father as soon as possible. I would like to recommend to him what their punishment should be for this game they have played.”
“That won't be possible,” said Deana.
He looked back at her.
“And why not?”
“Because I'm a widow, their father is dead.”

Buy Link:

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Welcome, Linda Swift!

Oh, Linda, I am so very glad you decided to come back and visit with me! I can't tell you how much our first chat did to lift my spirits. At my age the small things, like spending time with a special friend, mean so much. I enjoyed our last visit; now that we're "old pals" I'm sure we'll have even more fun.

My lemon bundt cake has taken blue ribbons at the county fair a time or two. I don't mean to shine a light on my own shoes, but I pondered long and hard, trying to decide what you would most enjoy sharing with me and I finally chose the lemon bundt. I baked it this morning--ooh, don't you just love the scent of lemons in the air?

I'm so glad you invited me back, Miz Elinor. And thanks for sending those delicious oatmeal-raisin cookies home with me. My husband agrees they were the best he's ever eaten. And my mouth is watering at the thought of sampling your lemon bundt cake when we take tea today.

Oh, I'm so glad your husband took to the cookies! What is it about cookies that just seem to bring out the boy in any man? Goodness, but that surely is the truth, isn't it? And, just between us, I baked a spare bundt for you to take with you when you leave. I thought your darling man might just enjoy a slice...or two or three!

Maybe I should explain why I called you Miz Elinor. In the South that is a term of respect for anyone older than we are and really doesn't mean Ms. as Women's Lib used the word.

You are a dear! Thank you for being so kind!

Now, why don't we settle in and get to introducing you to the folks peeking in on our chat? But first, let me pour you a cup of tea. And here, a slice of cake.

All right, now we're ready. So, does your family support your writing career? How?

Absolutely. One hundred percent. My husband helped me build my website and he helps me with all things too technical for me to understand. Both he and my son, daughter, and son-in-law give me encouragement, praise, and support. And my daughter established Facebook and MySpace for me and keeps them updated.

It's lovely that you've got help with all of that. It sounds like they free your time up so you can devote yourself to writing. I like that, a supportive family. Nice, very nice.

Any advice for an author just starting out on the writer's journey?

Don't try to keep up with trends and make your writing fit the cookie cutter mold. Develop your own voice and listen to it and it will not lead you in the wrong direction.

Expect rejections. Learn from them. A professor once told my class the only difference between published and unpublished authors is "lunatic persistence." I've proved that. I qualify on both counts!

Have you gotten any piece of writing advice that has been particularly helpful?

I began a short story in a university writing class and shared it with the teacher and he advised me to always narrate a story at the level of the main characters. I change the narrator's voice and the story won a Fiction Skills scholarship at the Indiana U. Writers' Conference that year.

Do you have a role model?

I've had many through the years but my current one is Miz Ivy, an almost 96-years-young English lady who lives alone, walks to church, has tea every Wednesday (really lunch) for anyone who wants to pop in (there's always a roomful). She always wins at Scrabble, works crossword puzzles, reads voraciously, and writes me long newsy letters. She is interested in people and events worldwide and takes pleasure in living. You would enjoy her company, Miz Elinor.

What a wonderful relationship, both for you and Miz Ivy! You are right, dear. I would definitely enjoy her company.

What do you love most about being an author?

When a reader tells me they enjoyed my book, that it touched their heart, that they want to read more about the characters.

Who is your favorite author? Favorite book?

Maeve Benchey. Every book she has written and I have collected all of them. She writes about ordinary people and places and everyday events in an extraordinary way. She has a gift of touching the emotions that are common to us all.

Ooh, you've chosen one of my favorite authors. That woman can tell a story, can't she? And it seems perfect that the traits you admire in her writing are ones yours possesses, as well. Sarita told me that one of the things she liked best about your Let Nothing You Dismay was the warm-hearted feeling the story left her with.

What kind of food do you like best?

Desserts. Candy, pie, cake, cookies, pastries, ice cream. You name it, and if it's sweet, I like it.

Do you have a recipe you would care to share with us today?

Certainly. And it will be a dessert, of course, pretend it's lowfat and enjoy.


1/2 cup butter or margarine
2 squares semi-sweet baking chocolate
1 cup sugar
3 unbeaten eggs
3 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring
1/2 cup chopped pecans (or walnuts)
Vanilla cream or Cool Whip

Melt together butter and chocolate. Mix in sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla flavoring and nuts. Pour into greased and floured pie pan. Bake at 325 degrees for 25-35 minutes. Cool.
Top with ice cream or Cool Whip and serve.

Now this sounds like my kind of pie! Simple to prepare, and with two of my favorite ingredients, chocolate and nuts. Yes, I'll be giving this one a try. Thank you for sharing!

You have just won a million dollars. What would you do with it?

First, I'd invest most of it for my family's security. Then I'd take what I'm comfortable spending and travel to places I'd like to see...Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, the Greek Isles, and all over England and Scotland for a year or two. I'd be frugal and travel with National Holidays in the latter two countries.

Do you collect anything?

I collect bookends, coffee table books on England, trios (matching cup, saucer, and dessert plate), tea sets, pitchers, and trays. Someone has pointed out to me that all my collections are objects that hold something. I don't know if this is significant, do you?

What an insightful's true. I wonder... Now you'll have me thinking on this all afternoon. My first thought was that I'd love to sometime see your collection of tea sets. I admit I've got a fondness for those myself, especially pretty cups and saucers. Oh, yes, I do like my tea...

I hate to see our visit draw to a close but I know you must be so busy with your writing and your family that I know you'll have to run. I would keep you here all day if I could, but I know I shouldn't monopolize your time, Linda.

Just one more question, if you'll indulge an old woman.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Since I visited before Let Nothing You Dismay was voted Readers' Pick of the Month at and I was interviewed at Between The Lines where you can read about my trip "To Hull and Back."

And Circle of Love, my second book with The Wild Rose Press released on March 13th. So I have brought along a picture of the beautiful cover and blurb and a little excerpt to share with you. To learn more about this book and two more coming out this year, visit my website at

I've enjoyed our visit so much, Miz Elinor. The cake was delicious and I hope you'll share your recipes for the cake and those yummy oatmeal-raisin cookies, too. It's all low fat, isn't it?

You know it is, my friend. All low fat, and low calorie, too. I think that any treat shared between friends and over a nice pot of tea must be healthy, don't you?

I do hope you will come back and visit with me again sometime soon. Maybe when it's not quite so chilly we'll be able to take our tea on the front porch.

I'll look forward to seeing you again when the weather is warmer.

I'll hold you to that. Thank you for visiting with me today, Linda.

Readers, Linda has been gracious enough to offer a copy of her new book, Circle of Love, to one lucky commenter today. Check back later in the week to see if your name has been randomly drawn.

CIRCLE OF LOVE by Linda Swift
Available March 13th from The Wild Rose Press
E-book: $6. Print: $11.99

And now, a small bit of Circle of Love:


Joanna returns to a small Missouri town for her high school reunion and comes face to face with Pete, the love of her life. A college professor in Tennessee. She has never married and Pete, a prosperous farmer, is now a widower with five children. Their attraction is as strong as it was on graduation night when Pete was leaving for boot camp. He never knew that Joanna had his child and gave her up for adoption. And Joanna doesn't know that her baby girl, Beth, is now married and has begin a search for her birth parents. Will Beth find what she is looking for? And will Pete and Joanna, despite their diverse lives, rediscover a love that has come full circle?


They danced in silence, each acutely aware of the other in every step they took together, in every place their bodies touched.
"I've missed you, Joanna." Her name was a caress on his tongue.
"Don't," she said, feeling the pleasure-pain in every cell in her body.
"Have you missed me?"
"I've missed you."
"Why didn't you answer my letters?"
She drew a quick breath as she thought of finding Pete's letters in a locked drawer in her father's study after his sudden death. Letters with a familiar looped scrawl that bore foreign stamps, now faded with time. She felt again the sharp pain his words of love and promise had brought. The frustration that caused her to pound her father's immaculate desk in a screaming rage that bruised her doubled fists.
"It doesn't matter now."
"Maybe not," His words sounded unconvinced.
The night, the music, the man who held her seemed unreal to Joanna but the intense aching inside was very real.
The band began to play a haunting Elvis tune.
"Joanna," his voice was muffled against her ear. She looked at him and saw his longing. "Let's get out of here."
She nodded wordlessly. Yesterday was gone and who could know what tomorrow would hold? But she had tonight. She was here with Pete again and there was magic between them as there had always been. She wouldn't think about consequences now. Just for tonight, she would listen to her heart instead of her head.
"Come on." Still holding her hand, he led her across the crowded floor and out to the dark lot where his car was parked.
In the shadows of the gnarled pear tree, he gathered her into his arms and kissed her without restraint.

It was graduation night all over again. Blooms of silver-white formed a scented canopy that enclosed their moonlit world. Tomorrow Pete would be gone; there was only tonight. How could she tell him how much she loved him when words were not enough? Of its own volition her body found a way.

The long kiss ended. In the awed silence that followed, they held each other once again, the long undreamed of separation over.


While I am not having a problem viewing Linda's lovely cover, apparently it is not showing up for everyone with the interview post. This is such a gorgeous cover, and it is part of what I am sure is another wonderful story by a very talented author that I want to be sure everyone gets a peek at it!
Nicola Martinez is behind this beautiful cover. Another hit from The Wild Rose Press!
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome, Keena Kincaid

Welcome, Keena! I'm so glad to have you here at From the Pages. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us. I am looking forward to getting to know you, so if it's all right with you, I'd like to get right to the questions.

Where do you write?

I tend to move about a bit. Sometimes I write at my desk surrounded by bookcases (it’s a lovely office). Other times, I plant myself on the couch and write with the TV playing in the background. I’ve also been known to write on trains and planes (but not in automobiles). I spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter, so I learned to write anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

How did you celebrate your first contract?

I texted all my friends to let them know, and some of us got together later that week for a celebratory supper.

That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate!

Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

I’m working on revision for TIES THAT BIND, my third book with The Wild Rose Press.

Tell us a little bit about your book, please.

It’s a sequel to ANAM CARA, set five years later in Carlisle, England. It tells the story of AEDAN ap OWEN, now a minstrel and spy. He’s a druid who doesn't believe in coincidence, destiny, or second chances. And against all the rules, he freely misuses his ancient gifts for his own gain.
Aedan is sent to Carlisle to investigate rumors of unrest in the north and dispatch the troublemakers. One there, he discovers someone is stealing Saints’ relics, murdering monks and plotting to assassinate King Henry II. And all clues point to the fiancé of the only woman he's ever loved.

LADY TESS of BRIDSWELL has no interest in kings or crowns, and refuses to rekindle her relationship with Aedan despite the yearnings of her heart. She knows all too well how he squanders his affection and misuses magic to manipulate others. But her resolution to stay away goes away whenever Aedan steps near.

She gives Aedan an ultimatum: magic or her. He renounces his magic, then discovers the would-be king possesses his own. Using the stolen relics to amplify his power, he wields it like a weapon against all who stand in his way. Meeting the traitor's magic with magic will stop war, but will it also destroy his opportunity to show Tess he has at last mastered the Ties That Bind him to her and to the ancient wisdom of his people.

Sounds intriguing! I know I'm already hooked! I can't wait to read the story!

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

Yes. Frequently. If readers knew how long it takes me to get out of my jammies in the morning, they’d be shocked.

Any advice for an author just starting out on the writer’s journey?

It might sound flip, but my advice is: write the story that comes to you. So many people try to write what’s popular or what they believe will be easiest to sell, but this is a tough, fickle business, and we all know there are no guarantees. In my opinion, if anyone is going to spend year or two laboring over a story, then spend another year trying to find an agent and/or publisher for it, it should to be a story that’s rooted in your heart.

You’ve just won a million dollars. What would you do with it?

Oh, this the dream question in this economy. I’m going to dream really big and pretend the $1 million is AFTER TAXES. LOL! I would put half in the bank, CDs, etc. I’d set up a college fund for my niece and nephews, give “just splurge” gifts to other family members and probably buy a house on a rocky, windy beach somewhere. Finally, after quitting the day job, I’d pack up the laptop and travel the globe for about three years.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose? This is a tough question. According to my mother, I inherited the gypsy gene. And given that I seem to move every three or four years, she’s probably right. At the moment, I’d probably pick Key West.

In the house—shoes or bare feet? Bare feet. Even out of the house if I can get away with it.

Do you speak a foreign language? I can order coffee in a dozen languages and find the washrooms in most, but other than that, conversations quickly devolve into sign language.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today? I’d like to thank you for having me on your blog. It’s a privilege to share my stories with others. In addition to ANAM CARA, which is available now, my second book, ART OF LOVE, will be available March 27, 2009 in both print and electronic editions.

Also, feel free to email me with questions and check out my Web site for information about me. Thanks!

I'm so glad you visited with me, Keena. Thank you. It's been great getting to know you!

ANAM CARA--available
ART OF LOVE--coming March 27, 2009

Anam Cara

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Welcome, Denysé Bridger

Welcome, Denysé! I'm so glad you stopped in to visit with us here at From the Pages. I know I love reading your stories, so I am tickled to have the opportunity to let my readers get to know you and your work. If you don't mind, I'll get right to the questions...

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

Pretty much from the time I was a child I knew that creating stories was something special and challenging, and what I wanted to do. I think I started creating my first tales when I was still well under ten years old.

What kind of food do you like best?

Italian. I love the pastas, vegetables, and the sheer variety of things that are associated with Italian food, and Sicilian dishes.

Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

At the moment I’m working on the most romantic novel I’ve written in years. A vampire tale called “A Perfect Beauty” that I’m writing with my partner, Vincenzo Chiofalo. The hero is an ancient Prince of Sicily, and the head of a family of vampires who are as diverse and driven as humanity. If anyone wants to have a peek at this one, there’s a post on my blog with an excerpt, and you can find it here:

I’m also working on a fabulous romance set in Rome and Amalfi. That one’s being done as a special project with Italian singer, Riccardo Foresi. Ric’s my “hero” for that one, and if you want to listen to his amazing voice, check him out on MySpace:

Sounds like you keep very, very busy!

Tell us a little bit about your book, please.

My first major, mass market release is called As Fate Decrees and it was a finalist for the Prix Aurora Award this year, which was a fabulous honour!! There’s an amazing book trailer on my website for this book, if you want to have a look:

On my website page are links that will allow you to download a Media Kit for the book, read the first chapter, etc.

How long did it take to write?

Actual writing time varies for each book. With FATE, it wasn’t the writing time, it was the waiting time as it went through the process for traditional publishing. All in all, from the time I wrote it to the time it was in my hands as a published book was almost ten years. The electronic process is a lot quicker, obviously.

Where did you get the idea for this story?

Stories are inspired by just about everything in my life. The current works are mostly inspired by the special men in my life, such as my friend Ric. Vincenzo is my heart and he inspires so many things in creative terms. He’s working with me on “A Perfect Beauty” and you’re likely to see his name on the cover when it’s done – as well as his face, he’s the cover model for it!!

Where do you see yourself in the future? Will you still be writing, or do you have a new adventure on the horizon?

Life is an adventure every day, isn’t it? I’ll always write, it’s part of me, and it gives me a voice that I reach people with and maybe entertain them and inspire them with on occasion. Since none of us knows what’s around the next corner, I’ll just hazard a guess and say I’ll be around doing this for a lot of years. Only my location may change, the work won’t.

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

All the time. If I don’t have to leave the house, I often spend the day working in my robe and nightshirt!! Such a slob, huh? J

Any advice for an author just starting out on the writer’s journey?

Don’t listen to your friends when they tell you your writing is wonderful, odds are they love you and can’t be objective or wholly honest – even if they don’t mean to be less than honest with you. Listen to editors, and learn from them. If you really love what you’ve done, it shows, and what they have to offer by way of observation and criticism is valuable, even if you don’t agree with every word. Just take it under consideration, use what you can, and trust your gut with the really important stuff.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Anywhere in Italy, but preferably the Amalfi Coast. Positano or Ravello really appeal to me.

Do you need silence to write or can you write through anything?

I remember reading ages ago a quote from Louis L’Amour that went something like he could sit in the middle of a busy highway in traffic and write. I didn’t believe him when I first read that quote. Years later and many books later myself, I can do the same thing, so I believe him now!! I’ve started books sitting in hospital waiting rooms with a pen and notebook, so I don’t need quiet, or even semi-quiet to create, just inspiration and time.

What frightens you?

Being alone with my thoughts for too long. They take me places that are not always healthy. Memory and fears are terrible demons, and we all fight them on a daily basis in some form. If you are too alone, they get stronger with time, and that’s dangerous to the peace we all want to know inside us.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

It has been such a pleasure chatting with you and your readers, Sarita, I’ve really enjoyed spending some time with you!! The whole romance community, and the loyalty and endless support of the readers is what makes the long hours and work worth it. I hope you’ll all drop by my website, and enjoy the fun stuff that’s there. I’ve got lots of wonderful free extras for everyone to use or download… stories, a postcard service that includes some spectacular photos from my talented partner, Vincenzo Chiofalo. And don’t forget to sign the Guestbook, I pull a name from there occasionally and toss out a free book as a thank you. My newsgroup and newsletter are always available, too! All in all, just come by and have fun!

I've loved having you here, Denysé. Thanks so much for spending some time with us!


Official Blog:

My newest/current release is:

ISBN: 10: 894817-04-4
ISBN: 13: 978--1-894817-04-2
Publisher/Buy: Absolute X-Press
Genre: Action/adventure thriller
Pages: 66 - Price: $3.95
Cover by: Justyn Perry

Randall Stone is the stuff of heroes, a mercenary given a discharge from the army he has served with his life. But the government is still interested in using the skills they've taught Major Rand Stone, and he continues to work with his hand-picked team. Into his shadowy world a light has come, and in her love, Stone discovers unhoped for joy, and, perhaps, unbearable sorrow?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome, Brenda Gayle

Welcome to From the Pages, Brenda. I'm so pleased I'm getting this opportunity to get to know you! Soldier for Love sounds wonderfully romantic. I've got lots of questions to ask, and I know you're busy, so I'm going to get right to the interview, if that's all right.

First, something I'm always curious about when I interview authors, where do you write?

I write wherever is most convenient. I have a laptop that I cart around the house. My current release, Soldier for Love, was written primarily at the kitchen table as life revolved around me. I now have an office with a proper desk and that's where I usually write, however, there are times when I really need a change of scene and so I'll just move. The only place that I've found that's not conducive to writing is on the patio during the summer.

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

I've written stories for as long as I can remember. In high school my girlfriend and I used to play a game were we'd come up with a first sentence and then go off and write our own short stories. I was always amazed at how different they were. But along with a love of writing, has been a love of reading. While friends dreamt of being actresses, singers or sports stars, I always dreamt of having a best-seller!

What a great game!

Does your family support your writing career? How?

My family is phenomenally supportive. My husband always makes sure I have time and space to write. Every couple of months he takes the kids away for a weekend to visit his family and allow me to have a mini-writing retreat at home. The kids, ages 9 and 11, are very proud of Mom and love to tell everyone about their mother, the author. They are also very understanding when my muse is calling and fend for themselves.

When you’re not writing, what do you like to do?

That's a hard one. Like most authors, writing is what I do for my me-time -- after I've completed all my house chores and made sure the kids are taken care of. I love to read and seem to never have enough time for that. I also like to knit and cook.

Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

I have just completed my second manuscript, Wildhorse Pass. It's set in New Mexico (living in Eastern Ontario, Canada, I wanted to be able to fantasize about a nice warm climate). Here's the blurb:

When Shelby Holt first sees Chad Greene she thinks she’s going crazy. He looks uncannily like the man she loved—a man she believes was murdered.
But Chad, burned by love and war, is not quite what meets the eye.
Posing as a ranch hand, he’s come to Wildhorse Pass to investigate the woman making wild claims about the death of his cousin—a death ruled accidental. He knows Shelby Holt is hiding something.
But then, so is he.
Chad’s disturbing resemblance to the man she loved confuses Shelby, both physically and emotionally. And in close proximity, despite the danger, sensual attraction simmers and deception deepens. Because the closer Shelby and Chad get to each other, the closer they get to the answer...and the closer they get to danger—until Shelby herself becomes the target of a killer.
Only when they learn to trust one another with the truth will Shelby and Chad be safe and, together, resolve the mysterious death at Wildhorse Pass.

Wildhorse Pass sounds like another good read. Best of luck with that!

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

Sure. I mean, what's the point in being a writer and working from home if you can't lounge around in your PJs for a day. I've had to learn to be a quick change artist, though, after several embarrassing incidents of people arriving at my door in the middle of the afternoon.

What are you reading now?

Mistress of the Sun, by Sandra Gulland. It's a fictionalized biography of Louise de la Valliere, a mistress of Louis XIV. I love biographies about strong, powerful women and although this is fiction, Gulland has done a lot of research. Just prior to this, I read the Lives and Loves of Louis XIV, by Antonia Fraser. I'm a real history geek!

Do you have a pet?

We have a Siberian Husky, Takoda. We had a husky when I was growing up and I've had several since I left home. My current one, however, is in danger of losing his Nordic dog status. Although he's quite capable of staying outside in sub-zero temperatures, he would rather be inside. He's also taken over the couch and I find him every morning, lying on his back, stretched from one end to the other!

What do you love most about being an author?

I love the freedom to let my imagination run away. I understand how appealing it is for actors to "get into character", and as a writer it's even better because you create those characters. You can explore situations and emotions that you'll never face in your own life. Through your characters, you can take a risk or act in a way that is totally foreign to you.

Being a writer also gives you license to learn about anything that even remotely interests you -- all in the name of research. I can fantasize about being on a tropical island while I'm snowed in at home.

If you had to choose another profession, what would it be?

I'd love to be an archaeologist. I can just image the great stories you can create from the artifacts you discover. You could learn not only about whole civilizations, but about the individual day-to-day activities of their inhabitants.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

I don't think I'm different from most writers when I say that writing is both the most difficult and easiest thing I do. But writing is only half of it. Sharing my stories with readers is equally important, and blogs like this one, which allow authors and readers to connect, are a wonderful forum. Readers of this blog all know the wonder of getting yourself totally lost in a book. To be able to give that gift to someone is my life's dream.

Thanks so much for giving us the inside scoop on the woman behind the stories, Brenda. I've enjoyed chatting with you. I hope you'll come back and visit again!

Readers, Brenda has graciously offered to give away a copy of Soldier for Love to one lucky commenter. So comment away, and check back to see if your name is the one that has been randomly chosen!

And read more about what Brenda's working on at her website,

Purchase Soldier for Love here.


She’s his Commanding Officer. So why does he seem to in charge?

Major Julie Collins should be on top of the world. Her long-sought promotion has finally come through and she has just been given her first overseas command. But when one of her troops turns out to be the handsome Native American who has just left her bed, everything starts to unravel.

Lieutenant Matt Wolf’s exploits with the opposite sex are legend—if only they were true. His larger-than-life persona masks deep loneliness and isolation. He has every intention of obeying Julie’s order to stay away, but what’s he to do when she follows him and then gets herself kidnapped by a deranged voodoo priest? Suddenly, all orders are belayed as Matt mounts a one-man rescue, risking both of their careers and the only home he has ever known.

An excerpt from Soldier for Love

"What were you doing before I woke up?" she asked to cover her confusion.

"Oh, just a little whittling. I find it helps pass the time." He rose and retrieved the object he had been working on. "Here, I did this for you," he said as he held the piece of wood out to her. "Hummingbirds are incredibly beautiful and delicate, yet also strong and independent," he explained. "Like you." His voice had become husky.

Julie looked down at the bird. Its face reminded her of the festival mask he had selected for her from Madame Lucie’s collection. The vision of making love to him, the wolf, flooded back. At the time she had found arousing the sense of anonymity the masks provided. Had it only been two days ago?

Last night there had been no masks. For the first time they had come together honestly—two people, no more or no less than who they really were. Her body stirred with the memory.

Matt hadn’t let go of the bird when she went to take it from him and his hands melded with the textures of the carving. She stroked the hummingbird’s extended wings, feeling its feathers morph into gentle fingertips. Its head and neck were smooth, Matt’s hands strong and hard.

"Did you know some hummingbirds’ wings beat one hundred times per second?" he whispered. "Can you hear?"

Julie nodded slowly. She had raised her gaze to his face and was losing herself in his eyes. They were questioning; she wasn’t sure she had an answer. In her ears the hummingbird’s wings beat one hundred times a second, keeping pace with her own heart. She couldn’t breath and closed her eyes as Matt lowered his head.

Soldier for Love

A Winner!

Big congrats, Sharon!
You're the randomly chosen winner in yesterday's contest.
I hope you enjoy Joanne Otness's Passion Flowers!
I'll send it out to you right away.
Thanks, everyone, for stopping by!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome, Joanne Otness

Welcome, Joanne! I'm so happy to have you here at From the Pages! I know everyone is looking forward to getting to know you so if you don't mind I'm going to dive right in and begin asking questions.

How did you celebrate your first contract?

I traveled to New York to visit family and had lunch at Tavern on the Green—with a toast to Chasing Galahad!

Tell us a little bit about your book, please.

Should a woman who is afraid of the water have to travel across two thousand miles of it just to find a man?

That’s the opening line of Passion Flowers by Molly Charles and the question heroine Leigh Taylor Cole asks herself as she travels to Hawaii to find Deke Kearney and bring him back to Seattle to meet with his estranged grandmother. Leigh thinks the search will be simple - she doesn't expect to fall in love or be caught up in Deke's attempt to protect his son from kidnappers - much less to allow the Hawaiian spirit to soften her resolve and help her find answers to a family tragedy. Leigh and Deke both discover that releasing the past and embracing the present allows their passion and love to truly flower.

Where did you get the idea for this story?

Both of the Molly Charles books begin in a favorite travel destination and return to the Pacific Northwest. In Passion Flowers the story starts in Maui—and many of the ideas came from trips to Hawaii. Specifically, for this story, a Mark Twain quote inspired the story:
–For me its balmy airs are always blowing, its summer seas flashing in the sun; the pulsing of its surf is in my ear . . . I hear the splashing of the brooks; in my nostrils still lives the breath of flowers that perished twenty years ago.- Mark Twain, a Biography*

Any advice for an author just starting out on the writer’s journey?

Never give up! Time is going by anyway, and you may as well be building a writing career along the way. Keep learning about the craft by attending writers’ conferences and workshops and reading books on all aspects of writing. The advice you hear today that seems overwhelming, may come in handy in the future.

Have you gotten any piece of writing advice that has been particularly helpful?

An agent at a national conference offered this advice: always know where you are as a writer. Think about it—are you a beginner? Or more advanced with two or more completed manuscripts? Have you won contests or given workshops? Knowing where you are will help you decide what to do next. And that’s important at any stage of the game.

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas? I don’t write in PJ’s, but will often do editing late at night or early in the morning wearing a comfy bathrobe and drinking a cup of tea.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

I’ve traveled extensively (I was a flight attendant for an international airline) and enjoy visiting a variety of destinations – especially London, New York, and Hawaii – but I would still choose to live in the Pacific Northwest. This is beautiful country and I love it!

What are you reading now?

I usually have several books going at once. Right now, I’ve declared myself snowed in, so I’ve spend the afternoon cruising through first chapters to see what I want to read next . . . the current contenders are Sleight of Hand by Kate Wilhelm; The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith, and the next selection for my neighborhood book club, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. It’s been a great way to spend a snowy afternoon!

What a wonderful way to spend some snowed in time! Love your reading choices!

Do you speak a foreign language?

I speak French. It’s easy to lose the vocabulary so I just bought a 2009 desk calendar with daily phrases and a CD—hopefully, this will keep me focused!

Do you have a pet?

I have two dogs. Charly is a sixteen-year-old mixed breed (but never mutt!) Yorkshire Terrier type. Zoe is a six-year-old yellow Lab who loves to walk around the house carrying stuffed toys.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Molly Charles is a pen name for the writing team of Jena MacPherson and Joanne Otness. We are often asked about collaboration, and many people are surprised that we can co-author a novel. Our process is one of brainstorming story ideas, identifying key scenes and plot points, and then starting the process of drafting and editing. We exchange work and take turns layering in new materiel. Believe me, it’s pretty interesting to watch the characters develop using this method, and often very surprising to see what they have been up to while you weren’t paying attention!

Thank you so much for stopping in to chat today, Joanne. I apologize for not being able to upload your cover; Blogger is being persnickety and refuses to accept its format. But I'm sure readers will be so enamored with the excerpt below that they'll go looking for your book on their own and see that you've got a beautiful cover!

Readers, Joanne has graciously offered a copy of Passion Flowers to one lucky commenter! So, comment away and check back to see if your name has been randomly drawn to receive this delightful book!

Passion Flowers by Molly Charles

The restaurant host was a huge Hawaiian man wearing an orange and white flowered shirt. A happy smile gleamed on his round face.

"Aloha! Welcome to Mike's. Restaurant or bar?"

Leigh crawled out of her thoughts and managed to smile back at him. "The locals hang out in the bar?"

He nodded, indicating an open flight of stairs leading to the upper deck. She thanked him and navigated around a large group waiting for dinner. A singer grated out the lyrics of a corny country song, and laughter swept down the stairs as she began to climb.

Somewhere on the upper deck a guitarist hit his final lick, and the old wooden building rocked with whistles and applause. The noise died down, giving way to a Rod Stewart classic, "Tonight's the Night.” Tonight’s the night. Leigh smiled grimly to herself. Maybe she'd be lucky. Maybe tonight would be the night she found her quarry. It would be a great relief, for she was more than ready to put this time-consuming distraction behind her.

She'd spent the last months becoming thoroughly disgusted with David Kearney. Searching for the man and getting frustrated by every dead end, growing angrier and more appalled that he had been so absent and unfeeling that he had not been in contact with his own grandmother for years. What decent man would turn his back on the woman who raised him? Not a man Leigh wanted to find.

But a promise was a promise. Carefully, she picked her way along the narrow wooden steps. Glancing up, she stopped. And stared.

A tall lion of a man in a faded blue Aloha shirt and khaki shorts blocked the top landing. Sun-streaked hair too long to be businesslike. Scruffy three-day beard. All bronzed and hard-muscled, he was impossible to ignore. Especially if you liked the type. Which she most certainly did not.

The lion was shaking out a match. A just-lit cigarette hung from the corner of his mouth. Seeing it, a tremor of distaste rippled through her. Didn't the restaurant have a no-smoking policy? Still she couldn't help but watch as he took a draw on the cigarette. Exhaling, he descended the stairs, his deep-set blue eyes boring into hers.

Giving him a cool glance, she climbed purposefully until she realized his territorial position on the stairwell didn't afford room for them to pass without touching. Too late, she shrank back, digging her hip into the railing.

He stopped and grinned lazily at her, his cigarette clamped between even white teeth. Through a curl of smoke, she caught a glint in his eyes. Of what? Amusement? Irritation? She wasn't sure which and she didn't much care. She was travel-cranky and stressed out--just let him try to mess with her. It would be a relief to unleash her temper on a deserving subject.

He took the cigarette from his mouth with an annoyingly graceful swagger. "I won't bite," he drawled, his whisky-rough voice dripping with deliberate sarcasm.

She shot him her best frosty glare. "More than I need to know."

His expression was impassive, but his eyes flashed in response. Leigh looked away and took a step to sidle past. Their hips brushed. Just a feather touch, but she swayed precariously. He grasped her wrist, steadying her with a strong brown hand that looked stark against her pale skin. A disturbing sizzle of electricity jolted up her arm.

Leaning close, his breath hot at her temple, he purred, "Until I know you better, babe."

Babe? She jerked her hand away as if she'd been burned and rubbed her wrist.
He chuckled and moved on down the stairs. A quiet sound at first, his rumbling laughter grew louder until it chased her all the way up to the second floor.

Writing as Molly Charles:
Jena MacPherson and Joanne Otness
Passion Flowers—January/09 Five Star Expressions
Chasing Galahad—May/06 Five Star Expressions

Five Star Standing Orders
Title – Passion Flowers
Author: Molly Charles
Price:US $25.95
ISBN 13: 9781594147517
ISBN 10: 1594147515
Product number: 243768
Published/Released: January 2009
Shipping Weight: 2.00 lbs /0.91 kgs

Published by FIVE STAR An imprint of the Gale Group
ISBN #978-59414-751-7

Hardcover: $25.95
Order through your favorite bookseller or online at:

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How Nice!

I am always thrilled to read a good review. What author isn't? A few days ago I read a new review for my latest release, Sandswept: A Chincoteague Island Mystery.

4 1/2 Books from Long and Short Romance Reviews!

Part of the review:

"...The story captivates the reader from the very beginning with a masterful use of back story to open the chapters. This allows the reader to crawl into Kelly’s mind and absorb the central problem she is dealing with. Our hearts literally wrench with emotions as we rise and fall through her self healing. Rich descriptions of the island, its small town quarks, and the desolation that surrounds the Eastern Shore heighten the senses as you read. Mrs. Leone throws one or two red herrings to the reader keeping you on the edge your seat until at last the true villain is revealed and we cheer for that happily ever after ending.

Applause, applause for this sweet sensual tale, pick up this book from Whiskey Creek Press and take it with you on those dark and stormy nights when you need a good tale to cuddle up to the one you love. Kudos, Ms. Leone, for a well written story."

The whole review is here.

What a wonderful way to begin this month! Thanks, Bluebell and LASR!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome, Jim Whitaker

HILL OF BEANS by Jim Whitaker

Welcome to From the Pages, Jim. I'm so glad you could stop by and visit with me. Hill of Beans sounds like a delightful book. I'm very much interested in getting to know the man behind the stories, so if you don't mind I'll get righ to my questions.

Where do you write?

In my head. Putting it on paper or electronic format is merely a formality for expressing to others. A good writer spots creative ideas and creates them again in no matter wherever and whenever. Yeah, that sounds profound enough.

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

Yes, but they named me "James" instead. Actually I wanted to be a cartoonist, but that didn't work out. You know, I was drawn away from that career. Come on, you saw it coming.

Tell us a little bit about your book, please.

Hill of Beans is a compilation of selected columns - a couple of them award winners - I've written during the last 20 years for the Palmyra Mo. Spectator and the Hannibal Mo. Courier-Post. Did I mention some were award winners?

How long did it take to write?

20 years, to compile a couple of weeks.

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

Only my name with a laundry marker. Come on, you saw that one coming, too.

Any advice for an author just starting out on the writer's journey?

Buy your tickets well in advance. It's a crowded passage. Above all, never get off the train before it's your stop, even if you're on rejection no. 876,098--that's my personal record.

You've just won a million dollars. What would you do with it?

Buy as many copies of my book as I could so I'd get rich from royalties.

Do you have a pet?

Is this an attempt to drop off some stray dog on me? My wife is the cat keeper of the family. I once had a goldfish. But the idea of going to the bathroom and then swimming in it sorta creeped me out.

Have you ever laughed so hard something has flown out of your face?

Something flew out, but thankfully not from my face.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

This cold I have, but you probably don't have to worry about that. Life is hard sometimes. We all need a break, so take one or two or 3,000.

Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to visit today, Jim. I've enjoyed getting to know you. I hope you'll come back again sometime.

Readers, Hill of Beans is available from Whiskey Creek Press. Buy it here.

Jim Whitaker
"Hill of Beans" Author, Columnist
The book is available at

A Winner

Congratulations, Skhye! You're the lucky winner of Catherine Stang's The Bargain!

Thanks to all who stopped by!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Welcome, Catherine Stang

Welcome, Cathy! I'm so glad to have you here at From the Pages. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with us. I know everyone is looking forward to getting to know you, so if it's all right with you, I'd like to get right to the questions.

Where do you write?

I ave an office in my house that share with dogs. Often I write there. But since I got my laptop, I tend to sit on the sofa, so my dogs can join me.

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

Yes, ever since I was little I knew I wanted to wanted write stories.

How did you celebrate your first contract?

I went out to eat with my son and husband. I also celebrated with cake and ice with my critique partners.

Can you tell us anything about what you’re working on now?

I’m working on the second book in Donna McAteer and my Bliss Society series. Right now we are calling it Courting Scandal. (That could change, though.) It’s Jordan and Isabel’s story. All I can say is that the ladies of Bliss Society are at it again.

How long does it typically take you to finish a writing project?

That depends on book. It takes me about 4 months, sometime longer depending on complex the plot is.

Who is your favorite author?

Julie Garwood Favorite book? Saving Grace by Julie Garwood

If you had the choice of being stranded on a desert island or lost in a huge city, which would you prefer and why?

I’d rather be on a desert island as long as it had a beautiful beach. I love the ocean. Living in Kansas, I don’t get to see it very much. I’ve always dreamed of being able to live on the beach.

What are your hobbies?

I’m a trained therapy dog handler. I have 4 dogs, three Papillons on one tiny Yorkie. They take turns going with me to the nursing home. My cousin, who raised my Yorkie, Riley, sometimes goes with me. The residents get big charge out of seeing the mama dog and her puppy. Riley has been going since he was 3 months old. They’ve watched him grow up over the course of this year. Dogs are just special in the way the bring people out of their shell.

How did you meet your significant other?

My husband and I met in college. He was lab partner in Microbiology. He saved me from flunking Chemistry and Microbiology. We’ve been together 26 years and married 23 of those years.

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

I have to confess that I do. Sometimes if a story is calling me I’ll get to work before I get dressed. My husband comes home for lunch, so I do try to get dressed before he comes home.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

I have new book coming out Feb. 1st. More Than a Wife starts Bliss Society series that I’m writing with Donna McAteer. It will available in print & e book from

My website is
I blog at
and I blog with Dani Harper

Cathy, thank you so much for visiting with me. I have had a great time getting to know you!

Readers, Cathy has graciously offered to give away a copy of The Bargain to one lucky commenter. Comment away, and check back to see if your name has been randomly drawn!

And now for a treat...a glimpse into Secret Wishes. Enjoy!

A blurb from Secret Wishes:

War can change a man, and Ross Stanton, Earl of Brynmor, is determined to retreat from life. He’s also determined to protect Emma Hamilton by staying away from her. But his big empty house proves not so empty, when two bickering ghosts take matters – and Brynmor’s love life – into their own hands.

Emma has loved Ross all of her life, but he only sees her as his best friend’s annoying little sister. Her talent for talking to the dead – and suddenly receiving their advice – may be the last hope she has of changing Brynmor’s mind before she is forced into marrying someone else.

Unedited Excerpt from Secret Wishes
By Catherine Stang
Coming in Dec

He just wanted to be left the hell alone. Was that too much to ask? Ross Stanton, Earl of Brynmor, glared up at the ceiling as doors slammed on the floor above him. Voices whose words he couldn’t quite make out could be heard echoing in the hallways, followed by more doors slamming.
Bloody bleeding hell. Apparently he was asking more than the ghosts, who’d invaded the dark, cold townhouse he’d rented, could give.
More door slamming. More yelling.
“Enough!” he thundered, slamming the flats of his hands on the top of his mahogany desk.
They either didn’t hear him or weren’t listening, because the yelling and door slamming continued.
There was only so much a man could take. “I said, enough!” Ross roared.
But again was ignored. Pushed beyond his patience, his temper sparked. All the doors in the house blew open and were forced to stay that way.
As the house grew quiet, he relaxed, letting the crackle of energy around him back off to a slow sizzle. The silence was almost deafening. Had he frightened them off? One could only hope. He went back to responding to the correspondence that his man of affairs had left for him.
“Bloody hell,” he muttered as muffled voices floated down from the bedroom directly above his study. The one the servants refused to enter, because they swore it was haunted. Lucky for him, he was the only one that could hear the ruckus the ghosts were causing or else…
More silence.
Then, soft female crying.
“Well, well. That was an interesting trick.” A mellow voice with a hint of amusement in it made Ross look up. A medium-built man in rumpled riding attire leaned casually in the doorway of the study with his hands in his pockets. He was obviously a ghost. “And all this time we didn’t think you could hear us.”
“I can hear you,” Ross muttered as he went back to his work. Damn. Now they’d never leave him alone. “How the bloody hell could I not? You made enough noise to wake the dead. Pardon the expression. You’ve proved you’re here, now go haunt someone else.”
“I can’t. You see, I made a bloody mess of things one Christmas Eve and I’m still paying for it.”
Despite his desire to end this conversation, Ross looked back up at the ghost.
“What has that got to do with me?”
“I don’t know, but we’re connected. We have to be or else you couldn’t hear us. None of the others who lived here could hear us.”
Being able to see them didn’t necessarily mean they were connected to him or that he was supposed to help them. He’d seen ghosts most of his life. That, and his ability to manipulate people and objects with his mind, were talents he’d honed as a spy in the military. He’d often met ghosts who could give him information. However, he’d had to be careful not to get caught up in their agendas, a lesson he had learned the hard way. Since then, he usually tried to ignore the ghosts he encountered. If they didn’t know he could hear or see them, then they left him alone.
“Since you’re the one who is alive, I supposed it will be your job to figure it out,” the ghost said, bringing Ross out of his thoughts.
“And if I don’t?”
“History repeats itself and next year you could be haunting someone.”
“Now isn’t that a cheerful holiday thought.”