Friday, January 25, 2008

Remembering Special Days


Oh my, birthdays sure have been big in my little country house! Yes, I remember many a birthday cake sitting in the center of our worn pine table. Lots of singing around that table, too, let me tell you. Lots of singing. Not all of it would take any blue ribbons at the country fair talent show but it came from the heart. Yessirree, right from the heart.

Of course my dear mother left this earth giving me life, so I never had the priviledge of having my mother sing Happy Birthday to me. To have her bake me a cake. It's hard to miss what you've never had but Lord, I missed it. Yes, I missed it. Never told Father though I suspect he knew. He must have known.

Still, Father made my growing-up birthdays happy and gay. Always found time to bake my birthday cake himself. Lop-sided. They were some of the lop-sided-est cakes I've ever seen, but boy, they sure were tasty. What I'd give for one of those lop-sided cakes right about now. Lemon, I think. I'd surely enjoy a slice of lemon cake...

Ooh, I do ramble! Here I am going on and on about lemon cakes and Father and it's not even my birthday! No, it's not. My birthday isn't until--well, that's hardly the topic either, is it? No, I'm supposed to be talking about someone else's special day. Someone very special is having a birthday today, I hear.

Sarita's mother. Yes, it's true! Sarita's mother is having a birthday today. Woo-ee, a reason to celebrate! Every day the Lord gives us is a good one to my way of thinking. But those extra-special ones, like birthdays of those we love? Well, they're...well, they're extra-extra-special days, aren't they?

I hope you'll help me wish Sarita's mother a happy birthday! Let's all send wishes her way for many happy, healthy returns.

Now you all have a nice day, you hear? Remember, it's a special one.


kathie said...

Happy Birthday!

-Kathie :)

Jennifer G. said...

Best wishes!

Jennifer G.