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Welcome, Danyealle Autumn Myst

Welcome to From the Pages, Danyealle. We’re so pleased you came by to visit with us today. We’ve got a lot to talk about, so let’s get started…
Do you need silence to write or can you write through anything?

I can pretty much write through anything. I have two cats that should explain a whole lot. I've been known to talk on the phone and keep going, keeping track of both the conversation and whatever it is that I'm writing. Though the TV can be distracting…

Where do you write?

Believe it or not-at work! I work 3rd shift at a hotel front desk so there isn't a lot to do at night other than sit around and watch TV so I write while sitting there. Works out very well for me and my bosses don't mind it at all. At least that way I'm awake!

Does your family support your writing career?

My family didn't even know I wrote until I got my book published! But my fiancée really does support me. He does some editing for me and lets me bounce all kinds of ideas, no matter how strange, off of him. He's been great about it and seems to understand my 'obsession' and just smiles knowingly and tells me to go for it.

What circumstances led you to writing?

Writing has been my catharsis and way to cope with so many things. I can sit down and pour out what I'm dealing with or feeling into a bunch of characters that I can't hurt and maybe find a solution to what I'm dealing with. For me, it's my therapy.

What does your office look like?

I have an office???? My office is a big ole metal army desk with a computer on it plus all kinds of other junk. My desk and I have an agreement…I will be allowed to find things if I don't actually 'clean' it off-straightening up here and there is acceptable. Generally it's like a black hole, things get lost on it on a regular basis. Plus, at any given time there is at least one cat perched on it somewhere causing havoc.

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

Oh yeah, the more relaxed you can get the better the flow!

Do you have a pet?

Two cats: Pockets-a pure black cat who looks like the most malevolent feline you could ever meet (it's the yellow eyes) but is a big cuddle-cat. Squeebles-a grey tabby who is beautiful but the ninja attack cat of death. They are my boys and I love them with all my heart!

Do you collect anything?

Inuyasha stuff-more specifically Lord Sesshomaru. Right now it's my current obsession. Don't ask…

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you choose?

Actually, I love it right here where I am in central Texas. I'm not a native and chose to live here so I like it!

What's your most comfortable outfit? Are you a jeans-and-sweatshirt kind of person or a dressier sort?

Sweats and a t-shirt! Comfort, comfort, comfort…

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

Fate: In The Beginning is my first published (for money) work and I'm proud of it, as most people are their baby. It took me a great deal of time and rewrites to do.

Congratulations on the release of Fate: In the Beginning. It sounds very interesting, so we won’t keep readers dangling any longer. We’ll give them a bit of your intriguing story.

First, I want to thank you for visiting today. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you!

FATE: IN THE BEGINNING... by Danyealle Autumn Myst

The blurb:

They've met twice once at one the Marquis DeSade's infamous parties, then during World War II in Germany. That should have been the end of it. It wasn't…

Darious Mooksoon, the demon Lord of Lust, Sex, and Decadence, could have any being he wants, human or dark creature. But there is one he wants more than any other, and he can't find her—the doe-eyed, sexy and beautiful Lady Danyealle DesLoup.

After more than a century of trying to find her, he's been able to locate her once more and will do everything to have her again back in his life. They parted amicably, so he feels it shouldn't be a problem. But it is. Faced with the obstacles she gives him, he has to do the impossible to make it happen, or perform things he's never thought he would or could do


Darious crouched down so he would be at eye level with her.
He stared into those brown doe eyes that had haunted his dreams
for so long and almost lost all power of speech. Moving his hand
down, he placed it over hers and gave her hand what he hoped was
a reassuring squeeze. "It's been a long time, hasn't it?"

Kat nodded, looking deep into his piercing blue eyes. She was
resisting the urge to wrap herself around him and hold him once
again. Truth be told, she did miss him and was very glad to see him.
She had thought a lot about him since their parting, but she was
realistic, she could not be with him because of what he was. It almost
broke her heart all over again to see him right beside her and
know she would have to tell him to leave.

When the time had come for her to leave him in Alaska, it had
been one of the hardest things she had ever done in her entire life.
But she had done it without looking back because if she had, she
would have turned around, not something that was a viable option.

She thought the whole thing was funny in its own weird and
ironic sort of way. Here she was, Lady Danyealla herself, the oldest,
most powerful and feared she-devil above ground and she had
fallen hard for the one being in the universe who was incapable of
returning her feelings, a demon. But no, she couldn't do things
halfway, she hadn't fallen for just any demon, no not she, she had
to fall for the Lord of Lust, Sex and Decadence himself. Well, no
one ever said she did anything in half measures.

There was also the added bonus that even she couldn't be with
a demon unless she possessed him and made him her pet, any other
way would open herself to all kinds of manipulation and might even
endanger the rest of her kind. It was painful to sit and look into his
eyes once again after over a century of being apart.

Her heart pounded in her chest and she could feel a flutter of
excitement in her stomach. She tried to not let her emotions show
and gave him a small smile. "Yes, Darious, it's been a very long

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