Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome, Jim Whitaker

HILL OF BEANS by Jim Whitaker

Welcome to From the Pages, Jim. I'm so glad you could stop by and visit with me. Hill of Beans sounds like a delightful book. I'm very much interested in getting to know the man behind the stories, so if you don't mind I'll get righ to my questions.

Where do you write?

In my head. Putting it on paper or electronic format is merely a formality for expressing to others. A good writer spots creative ideas and creates them again in no matter wherever and whenever. Yeah, that sounds profound enough.

Did you always know you wanted to be an author?

Yes, but they named me "James" instead. Actually I wanted to be a cartoonist, but that didn't work out. You know, I was drawn away from that career. Come on, you saw it coming.

Tell us a little bit about your book, please.

Hill of Beans is a compilation of selected columns - a couple of them award winners - I've written during the last 20 years for the Palmyra Mo. Spectator and the Hannibal Mo. Courier-Post. Did I mention some were award winners?

How long did it take to write?

20 years, to compile a couple of weeks.

The question most readers want to know but never get the chance to ask, do you ever write in your pajamas?

Only my name with a laundry marker. Come on, you saw that one coming, too.

Any advice for an author just starting out on the writer's journey?

Buy your tickets well in advance. It's a crowded passage. Above all, never get off the train before it's your stop, even if you're on rejection no. 876,098--that's my personal record.

You've just won a million dollars. What would you do with it?

Buy as many copies of my book as I could so I'd get rich from royalties.

Do you have a pet?

Is this an attempt to drop off some stray dog on me? My wife is the cat keeper of the family. I once had a goldfish. But the idea of going to the bathroom and then swimming in it sorta creeped me out.

Have you ever laughed so hard something has flown out of your face?

Something flew out, but thankfully not from my face.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us today?

This cold I have, but you probably don't have to worry about that. Life is hard sometimes. We all need a break, so take one or two or 3,000.

Thanks for taking the time from your busy schedule to visit today, Jim. I've enjoyed getting to know you. I hope you'll come back again sometime.

Readers, Hill of Beans is available from Whiskey Creek Press. Buy it here.

Jim Whitaker
"Hill of Beans" Author, Columnist
The book is available at


Sarita Leone said...

Welcome, Jim! I'm so glad you are here today! :-)

Mary said...

What a funny man! Enjoyed this interview a lot. I will put this book on my to buy list. If it is as witty as this interview it will be wonderful.

Thanks for the interview Sarita!

Emma Lai said...

Entertaining interview!

Dru said...

That was a funny interview. Thanks!