Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Nice Surprise

Last night someone asked me for the buy link for Sandswept: A Chincoteague Island Mystery. When I went to get it I saw the review section on the excerpt page had grown. What a lovely surprise!

“It is rare these days to find an actual romance story with all the erotica out there but there is definitely romance in Sarita Leone’s Sandswept: A Chincoteague Island Mystery. Though I had a hard time pronouncing Chincoteague, this story was not hard to swallow. The characters were real. The story moved at a very realistic pace and it made me feel something. Kelley is a woman with a secret, one that it is well worth your time to read and find it out. And Owen *sigh*.

If you want to escape the clutter of erotic stories that are out there now, and read a story that was written by a master of mystery and romance, get your hands on a copy of Ms. Leone’s Sandswept. You will not regret it. And Ms. Leone, I applaud you for writing a story so rich and so worthy to be curled up with on a lazy afternoon. Bravo.”

-5 Moons! Reviewed by Blu Moon- Moon Over Water Reviews


Sue W. said...

Way to go!