Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Welcome, Annette Snyder

Good morning, Annette. It's always fun to have you visit here at From the Pages. I know you've got some special news to share with us today.

Thank you Sarita for having me today. It’s always a treat to blog with you and especially this month as I have a release from a mutual publisher, Whiskey Creek Press.

Summertime is my favorite time to read a fun love story. The weather is warm and the water is cool. There’s just no place to be but lounging by the side of a pool or at the park under a shade tree with a book.

For anyone who wants a tender summer romance, my newest release and first contemporary read, Intimate Flames, is out in e-book and print. On top of being my first present day novel, it’s my first holiday story centered around the Fourth of July. Intimate Flames is based on a young woman struggling to find herself after the sudden death of her boyfriend. This novel chronicles changes in Bradie Carpenter’s life after a tramatic event,dealing with single parenthood and finally meeting of a wonderful man and learning to trust again. Happy endings? Of course! I wouldn’t write anything else.

Just to give everyone a little peek into what I’m up to, I host an online book club blog. It’s called Lost in a Good Book at Writers and Readers of Distinctive Fiction. One week each month, we discuss a few novels. It’s a standard book club without the hassle of driving to meetings.

I also have several releases this year besides the two I’ve got right now. Travis Pass MegaBooks I and II will release shortly and Eureka Springs, the second novel in line with Viveka’s War, releases soon. You can find all this information on my website.

As a great big thank you to Sarita Leone for having me today, I’m offering a fantastic summer prize package to participants of Sarita’s blog just perfect for your trips to the pool, picnics at the park or lounging in your backyard garden. An oversize book tote, roomy enough for storing all your summer cargo, sunscreen to protect from those harmful summer rays and an autographed copy of Intimate Flames should cover all your hot weather needs. Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

What a nice way to add interest to the summer, Annette. Intimate Flames sounds like a great read!

Readers, every comment gives you a chance to win Annette's lovely prize package, so comment away and check back in a day or so to see if your name has been randomly chosen.

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Annette said...

What a treat today! I had an unusual weekend and a Monday at work from not such a good place. I've been looking forward to doing this fun blog today.
Thanks for having me!

Kathy said...

Annette, I love your books! Haven't purchased "Intimate Flames" yet, so hopefully I'll win!

Babyblue22 said...

Hey Annette! Congratulations On Intimate Flames release!
Sounds Like A Great Book!
I used to babysit also but I was in to music more then books back then so I'd be at the record store buying CD's. Now I all I do is buy books with my money , Well after the bills are paid first LOL

mammakim said...

Congrats on Intimate Flames Release. It sounds awesome.

Pat said...

I loved to read and this book sounds great.


Your book sound like a good read. congradulation.



Hi Sarita,

I love your receipes.


Annette said...

Thanks everyone for visiting today! I appreciate that you took time from your busy schedules to stop by and bestow such great comments and wishes! Thanks also to Sarita for having me today! I put all your names into a hat and congratulations go out to PAT! You've won the prize package. If you'll just email me at as42907 @ windstream . net (no spaces) I'll get your snail mail addy and get your prize off to you!